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The Unfortunate Truth About Mother Teresa

Did you know that Mother Teresa was involved in some very shady business practices? Her clinics received millions of dollars in donations yet their conditions were appalling. There was a disturbing shortage of medical care, systemic diagnosis and necessary nutrition as well as a decided lack of painkillers.

Teresa once told a cancer patient that “pain means Jesus is near you and that suffering is an opportunity to share and the passion of Christ.” She even compared suffering to “kisses from Jesus.”


Video via – Second Thought
Further Readings and References @ Slate, The Conversation, The Globe and MailUniversité de Montréal, New Internationalist, ScienceDirect,  White women in racialized spaces : imaginative transformation and ethical action in literature (Stanford Libraries)



  1. Yes I did know. In fact, I can’t stand Mother Teresa. And even more so, I can’t stand that she is held up to this standard of some high level morality as though she is some sort of hero or great humanitarian that we all should strive to live up to. When in fact the opposite is true.

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  2. Wow, not even Mother Teresa was mother Mother Teresa…. I grew up in a church where people were taught it was a good thing to suffer and live in poverty. Took me a while to get that out of my head.

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  3. Oh dear, I had no idea about this. Do you have citations about this? Or is it just another internet rumor mill? Not sure I will continue to follow this blog unless you cite your sources. A good scientist looks for evidence. I am a clinical researcher. What is your evidence?

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