Density is the amount of mass acting per unit volume of a substance. As we know, different liquids have different densities and owing to this property, when you take different liquids of same quantity and mix them together, the liquids with higher density will sink below the liquids with lower density. Basically, density is how much thing is crammed into that particular area. But hey, if you’re having a difficulty understanding how density of different liquids works, YouTuber DaveHax’s new video on density science experiment is the solution for you.

In his recent video, Denser Than You Think – Science Experiment, DaveHax shows how liquids and objects with different densities behave. To start with, he takes an empty glass and tips in some water and mixes it with syrup. Further, he adds a bit more water to make the layer of the mixer little thicker and finally fill the glass up with some oil. He then leaves the mixer to settle for few minutes until they separate out to different layers.

Spoiler : This is exactly what happens at the end of the experiment.

Denser Than You Think - Density Science Experiment

Since syrup has the highest density, it sinks to the bottom and oil which has the lowest density rises to the top. The next step is to drop different objects in to see what happens.

So when he drops a metal nut in, it sinks right to the bottom because it is dense. He then drops a grape in, it sinks through the oil and water, but stays on the syrup as it is denser than the grape. Further, he takes a plastic bottle top and drop it in, it slowly sinks through the oil but sits on the water. Finally, he takes a piece of sponge, it stays on top of everything.

This is a totally cool density science experiment that anyone could give a try at home. This is most certainly the easiest way to find out which fluids are denser than the other. Watch the video.

Source: DaveHax on YouTube