Miles ahead of his time, Nicola Tesla, the inventor of the world we live in now, came up with things most even lacked the ability to imagine. To the day, he is one of the best scientists we ever got. From the invention of Alternating Current, X-Rays, Radio to the invention of Death Rays, Lasers and Wireless Power Transmitter, Tesla took no credit when someone else used his inventions.

One of Tesla’s groundbreaking projects was Wardenclyffe experiment – a way to harness the naturally occurring electricity from the ionosphere. However, the feasibility of the project was widely separated beyond possibility because of some unfavorable judgments with the government and the politics, and also due to insufficient resources.

Now, two Russian scientists, Leonid Plekhanov and Sergey Plekhanov, are attempting to recreate Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower experiment which aims to transmit energy independent of transmission lines. The scientists are planning to erect the tower in August-September of 2014.

Although the resources were limited in his time, Tesla conducted the experiment. The weight of the original Tesla Tower prototype was more than 60 tons and it never became operational because of its low efficiency (2%). Now, the scientists have redesigned Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower, strictly in accordance with his principles yet implementing light-weight materials and advanced modern electronic components; the tower weight 2 tons.

The researchers say that they have elaborated and described the physical concept of the Tower’s working principle, and it strictly complies with the modern principles of physics. But this time, to avoid any unfavorable judgment about safety concerns, the Tower’s power unit will be controlled remotely by means of an RC unit via fiber-optic cable.

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The physicists are now on active crown funding campaign on IndeiGogo with a goal of $800,000, the campaign started on June 01, and it will close on August 01, 2014. So if you’re a die hard fan of Nikola Tesla, please consider making a generous donation to help these physicists realize the project.

Also with the researchers becoming tumultuously involved in energy research, now it’s time to realize that green energy revolution has already started and if not , it’s just around the corner.