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Category: Psychology

bipolar disorder

What Is Being Bipolar Like?

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive psychosis, is a condition that manifests in the brain and is defined by repeated episodes of depression and extreme mania (excessive euphoria and overactivity). Here’s what it’s like to have bipolar disorder.

Why Humans Are Natural Liars

Why Humans Are Natural Liars

Study says 60 percent of humans lie at least once during a typical 10-minute conversation and tell an average two to three lies during that short timeframe. This means that […]

are intelligent people more lonely

Are Intelligent People More Lonely?

Intelligent people are less likely to spend time socializing because they don’t want to be prevented from putting their attention where they want it. But, is it really true that […]

How Can You Change Somebody’s Opinion?

Facts don’t convince people. Especially if they already have an opinion of their own. I mean, you have probably come across people who conspicuously overlook the facts and put their […]