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Why Haven't We Cured Cancer Yet?
Hasini Jayatilaka - How cancer cells communicate — and how we can slow them down

How Cancer Cells Communicate — And How We Can Slow Them Down

Cancer cells communicate with each other and coordinate their movement throughout the body. But this process can be interrupted. In this TED Talk, Hasini Jayatilaka shares her work on an innovative method to stop cancer cells from communicating -- and halt their fatal ability to spread.

What Do Artificial Sweeteners Actually Do to Your Body?

What Do Artificial Sweeteners Actually Do To Your Body?

Artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar, and our brain and gut respond to them in surprising ways. These sugar alternatives may have low to no calorie, but studies have shown our body reacts to them negatively. So how are these compounds processed in our body? And how are they harming our health?

What Do Food Expiration Dates Actually Mean?

What Do Food Expiration Dates Actually Mean?

Sell By, Best By, or Use By dates on food items don't actually mean what you think. The labels are mainly for quality and flavor purposes, and don't necessarily have anything to do with food safety. Many common foods are edible past the expiration dates.

This Strange Syndrome Takes Control Of Your Body

What Is Alien Hand Syndrome?

Alien hand syndrome (AHS), also known as Dr. Strangelove syndrome, is a rare neurological condition in which one of your hands acts involuntarily on its own. Alien hand usually occurs in adults, but it can affect children, too.

How do your hormones work

How Do Your Hormones Work?

Our bodies go through a series of changes during our lifetimes. We grow, experience puberty, and reproduce.  This TED-Ed video based on a lesson Emma Bryce explains how our endocrine system constantly regulate every change our bodies undergo, and how it orchestrates everything from sleep to the rhythm of our beating heart, exerting its influence over each and every one of our cells.

Where Did Viruses Come From?

Where Did Viruses Come From?

Viruses can infect all forms of life:  bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes. And because of their simplicity, which is their key to survival, researchers think they evolved alongside, or even before, the earliest cells. But there's no fossil record of viruses in the conventional sense. How do we know where they came from?

How One Scientist Averted A National Health Crisis

How One Scientist Averted A National Health Crisis

In 1960, Frances Oldham Kelsey was one of the newest recruits of the Food and Drug Administration. During her first month as a reviewer at the FDA, Kelsey refused marketing authorization for a drug called thalidomide in the United States. The drug had been used to treat insomnia and workplace stress, but was later proven to have caused nerve damage, and severe birth defects.

Three Creative Ways to Eradicate Diseases

Three Creative Ways To Eradicate Diseases

Smallpox is the first and only human disease that was declared eradicated on a global scale. Also, with the breakthroughs made while eradicating smallpox and a number of other creative solutions, we are now really close to making a few more diseases a thing of the past.

Who Owns Your DNA?

Who Owns Your DNA? (YOU DON’T)

12 million people have already sent away samples of their DNA to consumer genetic testing companies to find out information about their own genetic makeup.

How To Fix A Broken Heart

How To Fix A Broken Heart

As we grow older, parts of our heart can deteriorate or become weaker. As a result, it affects the functionality of heart, which  gives us some serious problems.

The Science of Skin - Emma Bryce

The Amazing Science Of Skin

Skin, the largest organ in your body, accounts for 16 percent of your physical weight. The purpose of skin may seem obvious - to keep your insides in. But besides that, it plays a surprising number of roles in your lives.

Could You Be Immune To Everything?

Could You Be Immune To Everything?

Scientists have learned that our immune system is so adaptable and long-lasting that they might be able to engineer our bodies to become immune to germs and antigen invaders we’ve never met, and even make us immune to everything. But how?

What Are Eyeballs Made Of?

What Are Eyeballs Made Of?

The vitreous humor comprises 80 percent of our eyeball. And like most gels, it's mostly water mixed with collagen fibers and a sugar called hyaluronic acid.