Just in time for this Halloween, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) uploaded their collection of eerie sounds our Solar System makes on Soundcloud late Wednesday. 

“You’ve heard the creaks, cracks, and cackling noises of our universe before,” reads the playlist’s description. “Using data from our spacecraft, our scientists gathered NEW sinister sounds from the depths of space in time for Halloween.”

There’s no sound in space, but these spooky sounds being featured on this playlist came from the waves of plasma flows NASA’s spacecraft tumbled on while soaring to the depths of our universe.

Plasma waves festoon the space around the Universe, where they chuck magnetic fields back and forth. This continuous motion of the magnetic fields produces rhythmic dissonance that is imperceptible to our ears. But some of NASA’s spacecraft have been attired with instruments capable of capturing these sounds. 

Well, with more than thousands of hits since launched, I thought it was time to celebrate the spookiness with my friends here on ScienceSwitch. Enjoy!