The monster that is said to dwell in the famous Scottish lake and to have been a common sight on the shorelines of the loch could be a giant eel, according to scientists who performed large study of environmental DNA samples of water taken from various depths across Loch Ness.  

There were also no indication that the lake is home to creatures previous deemed as possibilities, such as the prehistoric plesiosaur, sturgeon, catfish and the Greenland shark. Instead, they picked up significant amount of eel DNA from almost every location sampled.

DNA findings suggest Nessie might be a giant eel. [Image: University of Otago]

While the data can’t say much about the size of the creature, the sheer volume of DNA says that the possibility that there may be giant eels in Loch Ness can’t be disregarded.

The purpose of the study was not to find Nessie, researchers say, but to gain better insight on various life forms that the loch is home to.

Also, the most famous photo of Nessie had turned out to be a toy submarine with a fake dinosaur head. It was taken in 1934, by British surgeon, Colonel Robert Wilson.