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What Do Artificial Sweeteners Actually Do To Your Body?

Artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar, and our brain and gut respond to them in surprising ways. These sugar alternatives may have low to no calorie, but studies have shown our body reacts to them negatively. So how are these compounds processed in our body? And how are they harming our health?


Video via – Seeker
Further Readings And References @ Chicago Sun-Times, Medical News Today, and Endocrine Society



  1. Oh, man. I thought you were going to go into descriptives. For a final class we had to create a product, and I made two 3-D books called, Who am I and What am I.
    The first, psychological with a hormonal twist. The other biological from the last 100 million years, but I can see another application.
    Instead of time lapse photo-sensationalism, we could actually see the cellular damage caused by everything non-organic. Wow, if we made the book 6ft by 6ft, when we opened it, the hologram would be actual size.

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    • I wish I could do that, but ScienceSwitch’s sole intention is to spotlight some of the best science videos found on the Internet. At least it’s doing a better job then Digg Video, Unplugthetv, Realclearscience Video and many others. Almost every video in it comes with references for those interested in exploring further. And thank you. I might consider your suggestion when my userbase grows.

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