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Why So Many People Want To Be Writers

Many people yearn to be a writer because there is no one in the vicinity who will listen. They start to long to set down their memories and emotions on a page and to send them out into the wider world because their friends can’t be bothered to hear them, because their partners are preoccupied and because it’s been agonisingly long since anyone gave them respect and attention. In other words, people write because they’re lonely.


Video via – The School Of Life



  1. I love the School of Life. Such an interesting proposition, this epidemic of loneliness. I think some of us write to make sense of our lives and to process our experiences, and I do not feel lonely, actually. I enjoy the creative act of setting words down on paper and “playing” with my imagination. That is another reason to write.

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  2. I disagree with the idea that loneliness is the motive. If I feel lonely, I go find people. If I want to think about something, figure it out, I write. Believe me, if it had to do with people in our lives ignoring or dismissing us, writing would be a poor substitute since some of us write where there is no audience (and when we do write for an audience, a good chunk of the motive is to showcase employable job skills).

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  3. Loneliness can certainly be part of it, in my opinion. The act of writing is literally taking your own subjective experience and opinions and putting them onto paper (or a computer screen) in the form of objective symbols that carry meaning to others out there in the world, sometimes meaning the writer doesn’t even intend to include. It’s very fun and entertaining but it is an arduous and at times a painstaking process – why would someone go through the trouble if everyone around them paid them all the attention? That’s not to say that all writers are lonely, but instances of robberies go up with ice cream sales if you smell what I’m stepping in.

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