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Technology That Knows What You’re Feeling

What if there’s a technology so intelligent that it knows a lot about your internal states? In this TED Talk, neuroscientist Poppy Crum talks about “empathetic technology” that can detect even the slightest facial microexpressions and tell the difference between real and fake smiles. It can also read physical signals like body temperature and the chemical composition of your breath to inform on your emotional state. What do you think about this technology? Is it revolutionary? Or, do you think it’s dangerous?


Video via – TED Talks




  1. Technology like data mining and artificial intelligence combined with predictable analysis can really be destructive if a few people, groups or corporates like FB, twitter and many more digitally motivated social sites get to use it for political or subversive uses.
    Good as it brings people, nations together in a positive way.

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  2. Good to know about this technology. The poker face of humans in a social cultural POV is a biological screen to project a neutral face. That’s a biological survival response to avoid threat or aggression in the public sphere, for example. People already can read each other. We can note subtle changes and responses in others, with some exceptions of people who may not be able to read people. On the other end of the spectrum there are empaths, who have an uncanny view into peoples states of mind and emotions. A technology for this? I am sot so sure.

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  3. If “empathetic technology” read the chemical composition of my breath after some of the meals I eat, it wouldn’t remain empathetic very long. It might not even survive. So, yes, it would be dangerous.

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