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Why Does Time Fly When You’re Having Fun?

Time seems to move faster when you’re doing something enjoyable, but slower when you’re bored. Why is that? How does our perception of time really work?


Video via – Life Noggin
Further Readings And References @ MIT News, BBC News and The Berkeley Science Review



  1. The whole brain is a biosystem it all comes together for the final nominal function. We think very fast and time actually flies by for both good and bad in a dynamic state of cognitive mental island hopping. We have high speed thoughts under these conditions equally. Time seems to go by slowly when we are not feeling well as in experiencing physical pain, mental anguish and or anxiety. I became psychotic yrs ago. I would be having the time of my life I remeber in my thinking that my bipolar disorder was good because thinking was very pleasurable, so pleasurable that I would look at my watch and a lot went down in five minutes I actually believed I was almost immortal and was actually going back in time. I experienced telepathy, when the phenomena happened I went with the flow but very much UNAWARE and I instantly pulled out of that state of mind when I made the contact I remember this being disturbing because I went back to reality, my observation was when I tried to do again It was no way going to happen when we tap into that we won’t need space travel to go anywhere but telepathy for me was one way no two way communication plus the person or place I made contact It would have really freaked them out but something physically remarkable happened, I had a strong desire to speak with someone without knowing their phone number I reached out with my hand to the phone and blindly dialed quickly without looking and they answered and I really freaked. So I can not see two telepathics successfully having a two way experience. But we can somehow direct our intuition. ☮️

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