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Why Alien Life Would Be Our Doom – The Great Filter

Finding alien life on a distant planet could spell disaster for humanity. But why?


Video via – Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Further Readings and References @ The Great Filter (Wikipedia), Space, Quartz



  1. We must think in the opposite direction instead of conquering the universe. Example: take a labratory setting and we have say 10,000 petri dishes with sterile agar as a medium, I can guarantee at least one of the dishes will have a growth from an isolated sporea/bacteria and the chances are more than one type bacteria will colonize. More than one of course as it is too weird otherwise plus not all will survive with the conditions provided here on earth as the same in a controlled setting in a lab just on a grand scale but how grand? The universe is an infinite planets and light and heat to provide a desirable envirment for life to flourish. It is silly to think we began with one minute seed of life, just silly. There is onoculi in space and it came from a mother source…when a child is born it does not know where it came from just as we do not know where we came from (our adam and eve theory is correct but instead of the relative instant change it took a very long time so it is hard to grasp the overall concept man is fielded because of anxiety, money and even curiosity. Earth was inoculated by something as a child might dream about…there is a source! Man will only find this when it can be proven! But does that matter. Bacteria always develops a protective wall( penicillin)… as we build protective walls and the atmosphere is the protective wall for earth formed by our overall laboratory setting in a controlled enviroment rtc etc etc [please excuse the typos as my fingers are large and this iphone is driving me nuts] 🙃

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