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How Big Is Infinity?

Infinity is a concept that refers to something that grows without bound. But, is there any definitive explanation of how big can it grow? In this TED-Ed video, Dennis Wildfogel explores the mind-bending concept of the “infinity of infinities” and explains how it led mathematicians to conclude that math itself contains unanswerable questions.


Video via – TED-Ed
Further Readings and References @ Infinity (Wikipedia), Skulls in the Stars, Stack Exchange



  1. Infinity is a very difficult concept to grasp, especially when not in terms of numbers. To put it into a human perspective I like to compare the mind to infinity; we can think of anything at anytime in anyway, the only boundaries are the walls of imagination, which need not even exist. Just a thought

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    • Actually, the mind is quite limited. It has a limited capacity of thought and how many things can be thought of at once as well as allocation in terms of working memory, short term, long term and such forth.

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      • That wasn’t intended as an insult. It was just a fact. There is much that is still not understood but capacity is approx 2.5 PB, not counting for how data is compressed which at this time is not yet fully known and data that is simply discarded or unimportant and simply stored in short term which is limited. So while brain storage is certainly large it is far from infinite. Unless your particular brain is somehow special and works differently from everyone else’s including mine, I will assume it functions in a similar manner. But I’d still say it is not infinite. In science when new info is provided, we adjust our views to conform to the data rather than adjust the data to conform to our views. …. Homie.

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      • I appreciate that you care so deeply about my comment and felt the need to correct me, but I think you misunderstood my words and intentions. To clarify, I’m just a hippie sharing a thought that popped into my head that sort of related to the video, and I still agree with what I said 😛 sorry for the misunderstanding

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  2. Black holes and electrical current

    Black holes and electrical currents within generate gravitational waves that oscillate, that means blackholes have north and south poles and when two black holes come together the poles are 180 degrees out of phase with each other (opposites attract) and generate a specified window precisely electromagnetically radiated from the interaction of spinning around each other and the electrical characteristic within each individual spin (fast)of each hole when combined as one this also means blackholes have an east west component for navigating through and in blackholes this will be great for stable navigation through gyro characteristics because they are so huge relative to say the planet earth but planets in general will be navigational waypoints perhaps on our way to prove this system is accurate as a reference with correctable error. This hypothesis is in its infancy as it needs more research…EMP is on a grand scale within this hypothesis


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