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Is Anything Truly Random?

Researchers say you can predict what number a rolled die would most likely land on – if you precisely understand the viscosity of air, the friction of the table and the acceleration due to gravity. So, does this mean we can predict anything – or is anything truly random?


Video via – Seeker
Further Readings and References @ ScienceDirect, HTG and American Institute of Physics



  1. Game theory states eventually your stack of chips will come back to you however it might take awhile. People have systems sometimes but the only reliable way to not lose is to keep playing but that would be impractical or you could throw loaded dice but that throws random
    theory out the window and you could get arrested. Definitely random theory here only without an edge of influence. The ‘SobolSequence’ goes into this area to the quantum level. Also John Nash jr came up with a game theory equation used even today and John came up with this in the 1950’s. Very impressive work, kudos to John Nash jr and I.M. Sobol


  2. Your blackhole question is random as it will not come up for now but how many subjects are there so I can calculate how long it will take before I explain my point of view on blackholes your question is vague and must be explained through quantum entanglement theory. There are much more components for your vague request than meets our eyes. Einstein did not have it down completely and he knew the basics although I feel I can attain the shared knowledge of physicists quantum physics it is still mostly just mathematical in nature. Mix in imagination for the challenge of finding the truth…


  3. Back to the black hole thing…I believe when we know the speed at which telepathy travels we will have a new constant for E=mc^2


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