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What Is Being Bipolar Like?

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive psychosis, is a condition that manifests in the brain and is defined by repeated episodes of depression and extreme mania (excessive euphoria and overactivity). Here’s what it’s like to have bipolar disorder.


Video via – Life Noggin
Further Readings And References @ National Institute of Mental Health, and American Psychiatric Association




  1. I’m sorry I didn’t watch the video. But I was diagnosed with Acute Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis in June, 2015. A month later, I was told it was a misdiagnosis.

    I believe all of us oscillate between happiness and sadness based on our experiences of life. Some oscillations may have a higher severity than others, based on the intensity of impact to the subject.

    Since then, everyone I have met who happened to have someone close to them who have Bipolar disorder said to me “Nim, you definitely don’t have it. I have seen people with it, and you are not one”. I narrowly escaped excessive tests and medication for something I didn’t have.

    I also feel for these individuals who have these so called disorders. Just because they are a minority they get labelled abnormal and are medicated. I do not know enough to say what’s right and what’s wrong. But based on my own experience of life, the doctors who diagnosed me and prescribed medications made a great mistake. I was blessed to be saved, but there maybe many who are not.

    Science has its place, but it has not even remotely got close to grasp the human mind, which is not part of the brain.

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  2. I don’t have a diagnosis for any of the strange tendencies my brain has, but I do have experience with being suicidally depressed at one moment and the next being maniacally happy, without any apparent reason whatsoever. The only thing I can really say, and I think this applies to all mental conditions: it’s weirder for us than it is for you, so don’t judge us ;D

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  3. My best friend is bipolar and even with the manic episodes constant in the past 3 or so years , she had a ten year stretch before that with out any and to be honest she would not be who she is with out it.


  4. Creativity comes from imagination and knowledge without knowledge we have no imagination, when we have both we are creative.

    When I am happy I am grandiose which comes from my creative imagination however knowledge is put aside so is grandiose a bad thing? No


  5. I have rapid mix episodes and that only way with meds I can do better is because I believe and love The might laugh but it is true. What meds could not do, God IS doing and my life is not perfect but better as I depend on the Lord for healing, that is happening in part. Hard to explain. I will next week try to explain better in my own words in my Blog
    This was interesting! Thank you.

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