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What Will A Nuclear Blast Do To Your Body?

Besides the intense pulse of thermal radiation generated by the blast sets you on fire, melts your gelatinous eyeballs, strips off the layer of your skin, ruptures your eardrums and boils your brain, nuclear blast has several levels of harm that can hurt your body (in case you’re the survivor). Can you guess any?


Video via – Life Noggin
Further Readings And References: Atomic ArchiveUCLA, Nuclear Fallout (Standford University)



  1. Wow …. if ever blast happen no one exists to check what will happen to our or others body. What left out will be nothing. Its a distress moment on the planet. Hope and wish it never happens on man kind ever any more.

    Why not you write on Radio Isotopes and electrical energy out of nuclear thing that can help many people.

    Medical Isotopes used in cancer treatments and nuclear power generation is the cheapest electricity available on planet.

    Nuclear medical usage is many. Canada and few countries have this adopted in daily life. So lets think the positive part of Nuclear advantahes than its blast on the wordpress forum.

    Hope you take my comment on positive front and not to mistake my expressions.

    Thank you


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  2. The sun is a controlled nuclear bomd same as a 100M ton bomb is conttolled but what is the big deal it is easy to understand. When we are in an mri we fell a little cooked inside, I ask you what causes that well done feeling?

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    • Maximum energy from the machine as resonance excites atomic nuclei in our body with selected imagery then using a reference to see cell changed that have different atomic makeup therefore the discrepancy is detected


  3. The universe is not expanding the stars are being pulled out as if the universe is an infathomable black hole…we are inside a black hole and these blackholes we observe in space are pico blackholes compared to the big one we are in we are all under magnetic influence from a god particle to the blackhole called the universe but what is on the outside of that? And yes there was a big bang at the center! How many blackholes contain a universe? Perhaps infinite ☮️


Our perception of a star 100,000,000 light yrs away is not an accurate measurement when light bends it takes more distance to reach what we see therefore the star may be 80,000,000 lights years away as the crow flies therefore quantum entanglement occurs faster than what is perceived in both time states or faster than the speed of light☮️


    • Quantum entanglement…the spin of the atoms/particles reverse when the speed of light is achieved then begin to slow as the reference is changed…just a hypothesis


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