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What Do Dogs See When They Watch TV?

You have probably noticed your dogs watching TV sometimes, but are they seeing exactly the same thing you are? Watching habits can vary from breed to breed. For example, some breeds like hounds are mostly motivated by smell and hence they may not take interest in the scent-free images on a screen. Herding dogs, on the other hand, tend to get excited when they see movement. So they may be more drawn to TV. But regardless of breed, what your dogs see on the screen is definitely not what you see. Why? Because they have have a dichromatic color perception – meaning they can only distinguish two primary color that is yellow and blue. Moreover, their brains can process visual imagery faster than human brains so the image on an old standard TV, which has a refresh rate of about 60 times a second, will be too slow for them.


Video via – SciShow
Further Readings And References: ScienceDirect, National Geographic, Dog Vision



  1. Thanks, this is super interesting. I have a rescue, who I think has some herding breed (B.Collie) in him – and he gets very interested in the tv. Thanks for stopping by my blog

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