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Typing Vs. Handwriting: Which Is Better For Your Memory?

In this age of technology, writing anything by hand has become obsolete. But study says taking notes the old fashion way – using pen and paper – improves your memory, creativity and your ability to understand concepts.


Video via – Seeker
Further Readings And References: The Verge, APS



  1. I think handwriting… Not sure of my theory but i believe it connects straight to your brain. If there is any corrections you know when reading through but typing, if it’s on a laptop or computer auto correct and a typewriter, I don’t know.

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  2. In theory l do actually agree with that, but l have a mind to eye to hand coordination problem meaning my writing is worse than probably your own Doctors, so when l jot down to paper it ceases to exist which frustrates the hell out of me if honest, so l tend to type.

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  3. both, one for theorem and concepts. the other for finalizing papers, publications and website functions. for me anyway, the two must collerate and collaberate for the student ” a damn good student”.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this. As the new semester starts I’ve been considering giving my students a better reason for my “no electronic devices” rule. (Not that “they distract your classmates” isn’t a good enough reason!) Perhaps I’ll have them check out this video.

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  5. For me it’s most definitely handwriting. I can’t remember anything I’ve typed out before, but the things I write down are so much easier to recall! I guess that’s why I still love snail mail.

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  6. Related to longer fiction, I have to do both, ordinarily first by hand, everything else by keystroke. Invariably a first draft by hand is more intense than one I bang out on the keys. Blogs i can draft either way.

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  7. This was such an interesting video and I can totally relate. I am of an age where in primary and secondary school everything was hand written. We didn’t have the option to have a laptop to work on. We had ICT lessons but that was separate. For sixth form though I did a mixture of both handwritten and laptop. I definitely found that I remembered things more when hand writing, and then if I wanted I would type up my handwritten notes more clearly which enhances the memory, thus I learnt more. I also feel more creative when physically writing something, sometimes looking at a screen blocks my creativity. Great post! Has really got me thinking!


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