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Why Humans Are Natural Liars

Study says 60 percent of humans lie at least once during a typical 10-minute conversation and tell an average two to three lies during that short timeframe. This means that if you have spoken with someone today, chances are most of them lied to you. So why do we lie? Well, we are genetically wired to, but there are other reasons.


Video via – Seeker
Further Readings And References: UMass Amherst, HuffPost, Proceedings Of The Royal Society B




  1. Oh my dear lord!! The world is already lying too much. Please don’t give them another excuse.

    We can observe that tendency and reduce and stop.

    I have one precept. Be true to yourself and be true to others. Have I never lied? Of course I have.

    Do I lie now? Hardly. I can’t remember the last time.

    We can get a grip on this so called genetically wired excuse.

    I’m so sorry if I have misunderstood your post.

    Despite you giving an excuse to one of my most disliked human behaviours, I kinda like you 😜


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