Scientists have proposed a plan to build a massive magnetic shield to protect earth from solar storms. Image shows an illustration of the proposed magnetic deflector

Extreme weather space events could potentially wipe out the electrical grids and cause widespread technological damage. To prevent or mitigate such a catastrophe, scientists have proposed a plan to construct a massive ‘magnetic deflector’ that would sit like a shield between Earth and the Sun, deflecting the sun’s harmful particles back into space.

The proposed magnetic shield, as Daily Mail notes, would essentially be a 100,000 ton copper coil and it would be placed at the Lagrange L1 point between the Earth and the Sun at a distance of about 205,000 miles (329,000 km) from Earth. The shield would act as a current loop, and deflect the sun’s harmful particles away from Earth using what’s known as the Lorentz force. Researchers say the shield would require only relatively small deflective force to protect the planet, and it could be constructed directly in space using materials extracted from the asteroid belt.