Scientists have already identified more than 2 million species, yet there are still millions more left to discover. Every year, about 18,000 new species are discovered. While the most common ones being insects, mammals and plants do make it to the list as well, although rare. Here are the top 10 new species of 2017 as listed by the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE).

01. “Sorting Hat” Spider

01 - Sorting Hat Spider (Eriovixia gryffindori)

Scientific Name: Eriovixia gryffindori | Location: India | Image Credit: Sumukha J.N.

02. Unexpected Katydid

02 - Unexpected Katydid (Eulophophyllum kirki)

Scientific Name: Eulophophyllum kirki | Location: Malaysia | Image Credit: Peter Kirk

03. Omnivorous Root Rat

03 - Omnivorous Root Rat (Gracilimus radix)

Scientific Name: Gracilimus radix | Location: Indonesia | Image Credit: Kevin Rowe, Museums Victoria

04. 414-legged Millipede

04 - 414-legged Millipede (Illacme tobini)

Scientific Name: Illacme tobini | Location: United States | Image Credit: Not Given

05. “Dragon” Ant

05 - "Dragon" Ant (Pheidole drogon)

Scientific Name: Pheidole drogon | Location: Papua New Guinea | Image Credit: Masako Ogasawara

06. Freshwater Stingray

06 - Freshwater Stingray (Potamotrygon rex)

Scientific Name: Potamotrygon rex | Location: Brazil | Image Credit: Marcelo R. De Carvalho

07. Swimming Centipede

07 - Swimming Centipede (Scolopendra cataracta)

Scientific Name: Scolopendra cataracta | Location: Laos, Thailand and Vietnam | Image Credit: Siriwut, Edgecombe, Panha

08. Bush Tomato

08 - Bush Tomato (Solanum ossicruentum)

Scientific Name: Solanum ossicruentum | Location: Australia | Image Credit: Jason T.  Cantley

09.Endangered Orchid

09 - Endangered Orchid (Telipogon diabolicus)

Scientific Name: Telipogon diabolicus | Location: Colombia | Image Credit:  M. Kolanowska

10. “Churro” Marine Worm

10 - Churro Marine Worm (Xenoturbella churro)

Scientific Name: Xenoturbella churro | Location: Mexico | Image Credit: Greg Rouse

[Source: ESF]