If you have trouble sleeping, a weekend of camping can help reset your circadian rhythm

If you can’t get to sleep, a few days of camping in the outdoors may help. A study at the University of Colorado suggests that a weekend of camping could be enough to help reset the circadian rhythm that may help us fall asleep earlier and potentially deliver other health benefits.

For the study, researchers sent five people camping for a week during the winter with no access to any artificial light such as flashlights or cell phones. After a week, their melatonin levels shifted and they went to sleep early. And for those who want to get their circadian rhythm back on track, but can’t get away for a camping trip or choose to stay indoors, simply increasing day light exposure and shutting off smartphones and laptops well before bedtime could help.

Notably, previous study has shown that you can combat sleep disturbances associated with use of electronic devices, by increasing exposure to daytime light. Also sharing a bed with your pets can give you a better night’s rest, especially if you’re dealing with insomnia.