Anything that science can’t explain is considered magic by many. And, these 10 amazing science experiments put together by Home Science are somewhat close to it. Well, to smart readers of Sparkonit like you, they are nothing, but just another random science experiments.

Given below is the list of experiments included in this video and things you need to try them out at home. Some can be extremely dangerous, so you’re advised to perform only with adult supervision.

1. Jet Engine In A Jar
You need: Alcohol, Jar, and a Drill to make a hole of 1 cm diameter on the cap.

2. Traveling Flame
You need: A Candle and a Lighter. I can guarantee most of you have tried this.

3. Soapy Water and Gas
You need: Dishwashing Liquid, Butane Gas and Water

4. Drain Cleaner and Aluminium Foil Reaction
You need: A Bottle, an Aluminium Foil, a Balloon and Drain Cleaner.
[Warning: The hydrogen gas obtained by mixing aluminium foil with an acid from drain cleaner is highly flammable, experimenter warns.]

5. Brake Fluid and Pool Chlorine
You need: Pool Chlorine, Brake Fluid and a Saucer [So conspicuous]

6. Coca Cola and Pool Chlorine Reaction
You need: Coca Cola and Pool Chlorine [This too, so obvious]

7. Fire Snake
You need: 10 grams of Baking Soda, 40 grams of Sugar, Sand, Zippo Fluid and a Lighter

8. Elephant Toothpaste
You need: Dishwashing Liquid, 75 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide (30%), Food Coloring, 1 table-spoon of Potassium Iodide and Water (0.25 ml)

9. Sugar and Sulfuric Acid Reaction
You need: Sulfuric Acid, Sugar, Pipette,

10. Flammable Hand Sanitizer
You need: Hand Sanitizer and Lighter.

That’s all, folks!