Are you left-handed? Do you have cats, or have taken recreational drugs? If so, you may be smarter than the average Joe. Smart people have many things in common. A number of experiments over the years have identified some of the behaviors and characteristics that are common among people with higher level of intelligence.

This infographic by Business Insider shows us some of the signs that research has suggested are associated with smart people. Of course, as Business Insider points out  – correlation does not imply causation. So taking up recreational drug as a new hobby or buying a cat won’t necessarily boost your brainpower, or in other words – make you smarter.

Some studies claim that blue-eyed people on average are smarter than brown-eyed people. Study like this will certainly make some of you think it is biased or subjected to culture of people studied, and claim this to be some kind of bogus modern journalism. Well, it’s not. Some of these signs are described in this article; and, it includes valid credible sources. Check out the infographic below.

8 Signs You Are Smarter Than Average
via Business Insider