Researchers at the University of Bristol, England have invented the sonic screwdriver gauntlets, called the GauntLev. The invention has brought us one step closer to Timelord technology.

The GauntLev works almost the same way as Doctor Who’s infamous sonic screwdriver does. While Timelord’s sonic screwdriver has the ability pick locks, disarm weapons, scan and classify matter, and perform a bunch of other functions, the GauntLev can only levitate objects using sound waves.

The features, for now, might seem limited or less multifunctional, but the plans for this technology are big. According to the paper published in Nature Communications,  these sonic screwdriver gauntlets are unique amongst other similar devices and “can be employed to translate, rotate and manipulate particles using even a single-sided emitter,” and can also rapidly create “traps” made of sound.

The team hopes the technology could revolutionize the production, assembly and transportation of delicate and dangerous materials. And, it could even be used to transport drug capsules or microsurgical instruments through living tissue.

Source: Nerdist