Quite a number of millennials are approaching the big 3-0 and a huge percentage of these individuals are actually dreading such a milestone. The mere thought of no longer belonging to the crowd of 20-somethings and stepping into the world of the thirty-somethings can send chills up and down the spines of those who are in their late twenties.

What these individuals may not know is that turning 30 is not something to fear, and is in fact something for them to rejoice about. Turning 30 is a time where you not only get to look back on years that have gone by, but also on what you have learned from those years. Yes, 30 is when you realize that you have it good, and it will only get better.

Here are some of the other things that people who have transitioned into their third decade are thankful for, both health-wise and otherwise:

1. You have a clearer idea about the kind of life you want – as a kid, you wish to be one thing only, but when you get into your teens and your early 20s, you see so many options that you may find confusion setting in. In your 30s, you realize according to your experiences – your regrets, your achievements, and your current situation – just what exactly you want and where you want your life to go.

2. Success is not the scramble you once thought it was – you have the peace of mind to realize that success is not measured by the same yardstick by everyone, and your personal success is based on how you see yourself, what your mindset is, and how you tackle every obstacle you encounter.

3. You are comfortable in your own skin – this is the age where you can tell yourself that you don’t need to be as skinny as you used to be. You take pride (and comfort) in the fact that you can be a few pounds over the supermodel weight you once aimed for, and you are okay with that.

4. You don’t believe in depriving yourself of anything – good health comes not in depriving one’s self but in knowing when to give in to your cravings and when to stop. You are in control and you know what you should and should not eat, and you know that for you to be healthy, deprivation only results in bingeing.

5. You can easily relate to any number of generations – you are at that point where teenagers, little kids, older people, and those a decade younger than you are merely a few years older or younger. This makes a lot of them easier for you to relate to since you can easily converse about the many different topics that interest each age group due to where you are right now.

6. You understand your moods and body better – you know when you need to eat because you become grouchy, or what your threshold is for lack of sleep to be able to still function effectively. You know the signs now because you’ve had years to get used to these already.

7. You can afford to buy more expensive skin care products – most of the good stuff come with a premium, and hitting 30 usually means that you have a good job that pays you a good salary that allows you to buy the good stuff, and this includes the more effective and more expensive items that most celebrities swear by.

8. You take everything you hear with a grain of salt – you don’t believe every little thing you hear, every scare you are privy to, and every new health fad that emerges. You digest the information and find the truth behind it before you believe. This helps you relieve any of the stress that usually comes with the things that you are told, and that is a good thing.

9. You are not afraid to remove toxicity from your life – toxic people, toxic situations, and other things that bring you undue stress, you are not afraid to get rid of when you get older. You have this attitude that is not mean, but simply meaningful—to yourself and the people you truly care about.

10. Envy is a thing of the past – you might want the bag that a friend has or you might wish you had that new pair of shoes your workmate is wearing, but you no longer lose sleep over it, and this is good for your heart since you no longer stress over keeping up with everyone.

11. You are kinder to your body – since you no longer have the kind of metabolism you had in your 20s, you slowly reduce your intake of anything that can lower your life expectancy. You treat your body better because your body tells you to do so since it starts to reject whatever it can no longer tolerate.

12. You’re not afraid to say no for yourself – you don’t make excuses, you don’t succumb to peer-pressure, and you know what is good or bad for you. You know if you are ready to party or if your body tells you to simply chill at home, and you are not afraid to say no to others and to let your inner self take the lead when it is needed.

13. Advice you give is taken seriously – you have years of experience behind you so any advice you give is often taken more seriously than any advice you may have given when you were in your teens or in your twenties. This gives you confidence in yourself, which reflects in how you look and makes you more happy, which also helps lower stress.

14. You begin to appreciate sleeping early and enjoying the sunrise – as you get older, you realize just how important sleep is to your physique and your psyche. You find that sleeping early and getting up with the sun is not only beneficial to your wellbeing, but is also very satisfying.

15. You know when it is time to see a medical professional and are not stubborn about it – when you feel something is wrong, and you cannot put your finger on what exactly is the matter with you, you don’t hesitate to go to a doctor to find out what is going on. You know that no matter how healthy you are, seeing a doctor regularly will help keep you in the pink of health. When you suspect hormonal imbalance, your doctor will confirm this. When you think you have ailments that are a result of your indulgences, you can take what your doctor tells you and act on it like the adult that you are. You don’t just suffer through the pain, and you deal with it because it is what an adult in their 30s does and is capable of doing.

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