IQ score influences one’s cognitive abilities, creativity and problem solving skills. Most think the IQ of a human being is genetic and cannot be changed or improved upon. However, experts have proven that to be myth and shown that your IQ can change overtime.

So, even if you could not score well in an IQ test, you certainly can score well when you take an IQ test next time. All you have to do is engage in new activities and do certain brain exercises. This terrific graphic will show you how to increase your IQ in just a week.


During an IQ test, experts mostly measure one’s fluid intelligence, which is our ability to reason, adapt and solve novel problems. So, playing games and solving puzzles for 25 minutes a day can stimulate it; and this will add 4 points to our IQ. Have a look at 7 memory exercises to improve your brain power.


Although creatine is meant to improve athletic performance, if you are not trying to bulk up, taking a small amount can improve memory performance and intelligence. As per this infographic, taking at least 5 grams daily will add 2 points to your IQ.


Put down that steak and look at your veggies a bit closer. Studies have shown that lifestyle and nutritional choices of vegetarians are associated with higher IQ and cognitive abilities. So changing your diet could bring back 10 years of your IQ and this will add 1 point to your IQ. Well, do think twice before you do. Since we are born omnivore, it’s unnatural for us to be vegetarian. It would somehow hurt the nature.


Play social game like “Words With Friends”. Like playing games and puzzles stimulates our fluid intelligence, playing games that involves social interaction as well has the same effect on our intelligence. It takes about 50 minutes to play one full game and if followed strictly, this will again add 1 point to your IQ.


Practice makes perfect. Taking a practice IQ test for at least thirty minutes a day can improve your cognitive skills. This will add 2 points.


Work out. Cardiovascular exercise has been shown to improve cognitive function and raise verbal intelligence up to 50%. So working out for 20 to 30 minutes a day, can add up to 5 points.


Pick up the video game console controller and try to see how far you can get in a first-person game. Studies have shown that playing games can improve eye-hand coordination and reaction time and this, in turn, can enhance visual awareness in the real world. So dedicating at least one hour a day on playing video games can add 2 points to your IQ.

You might not see any changes if you take an IQ test by the end of the week. As a matter of fact, increasing IQ scores doesn’t happen that quickly. So if you take several IQ tests, they will give you the same IQ score you are currently at, even for over a period of year. But, do follow these routines. Even if it takes weeks, or months, or years, you will certainly add 17 points to your IQ later in life. See the infographic I obtained from Online Course Report below.

How To Increase Your IQ In Seven Days
How to boost your IQ in seven days [via Online Course Report]