Arthritis is a disease that is affecting a larger population and the healing depends on whether an individual takes it seriously or neglects it. When arthritis is treated at its early stages, the joints may totally heal with simple remedies. At the chronic stage, the home remedies will only help to reduce inflammation and the pain but the condition may come back later.

Arthritis occurs when the immune system treats the joints as bacteria that can cause infection. Under normal circumstance, the immune system attacks the bacteria that are a threat to the body. It therefore, attacks the joints causing inflammation. Most people like natural things that do not have negative effects and therefore go for drug-free ways. In addition going to hospital is not something fun that an individual enjoys going. The following are the drug-free ways to feel better from arthritis pain.

1. Take A Break

Overworking your joints can result to worsening the pain and inflammation. Study shows that most people who do strenuous activities when they are in the process of recovery from arthritis take too long to heal from the pain. This is because they keep on hurting the recovering joints hence have no ample time to recover. Relaxing will enable quick recovery.

2. Regular Exercise

Gentle exercises have been found to be more effective in easing arthritis effects. Walking, stationary cycling and swimming are the famous exercises used by American victims and have been confirmed to affect healing within the shortest possible period.

3. Massage

Massage is the most well-known method of soothing somebody. It is therefore, the recommended method to sooth your aching joints. The natural massage gels such as olive oil can be used to deliver a more natural with no side effects after the treatment.

4. Include Fish Oils In Your Diet

Research by world nutritionist fish oil ease inflammation and reduce the pains in the joints. It is also believed to improve flexibility of the joints. Ensure before considering fish oil supplements, consult your doctor to avoid negative effects that it sometimes come with it.

5. Consider Ice And Warmth Treatment

Sometimes pain may occur due to too much heat or too much cold therefore both treatments can assist. Ice is the most suitable for inflammation by relaxing the muscles and hence relieving the pain. Tight, painful muscle joints can be treated with a warm shower. This will relax the muscle relieving them from the strain and hence the pain goes away.

6. Consider Gloves As Part Of Your Night Dressing

There are people who always wake up with painful swollen hands. The only remedy for this kind of people is to wear gloves when they are sleeping to ease inflammation.

7. Take Molasses Drink

Blackstrap molasses drink has been confirmed to contain important minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. All these minerals can relieve the joint by regulating the functioning of the nerves and the muscles. They are also well-known for their ability to reduce inflammation

8. Raise Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is one of the minerals that is great in strengthening the bones. It is one of the ingredients used for formation of teeth and bone tissue of higher density. It is therefore, the best healing for arthritis pain.

9. Try The Chinese treatment

The famous Chinese treatment is referred to as acupuncture. It is administered by inserting needles on the particular parts of the body. The main aim is to restore the balance of the body and hence the joint pain is relieved. Try this treatment only when you have experienced acupuncturist.

10. Yoga Treatment

American researchers discovered that a good percentage of arthritis victims had considered yoga as their mode of relieving pain. It was found to be more effective than any other form of exercise. It slowness and involvement of the brain in meditation is the magic behind it.

11. Make Fatty Acid As A Part Of Your Diet

Fatty acids are one of the supplements that are used to treat arthritis. Omega-3 is one of the famous times that are required for the general body health. Therefore, make sure that in a day you, at least, include Omega in one of your meals. You can obtain from kales.

12. Consider Turmeric

Turmeric is an Indian spice that has anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore the required supplement to reduce inflammation at the joints and hence decrease the pain.

13. Go Herbal

Herbal treatments are the most natural substances with very less negative effects. There are quite a variety of herbal supplements in the market that can treat joint pain and Arthritis. They include; bromelain, ginkgo, Boswellia and stinging nettle.

14. Use Coriander Seeds

Coriander is a substance that has a very sharp test that most people cannot bear. Despite the taste, it is a great pain relieving agent. It is also used to reduce inflammation at the joint and the joint disorders. Taking coriander seeds is the best you can do to you aching joints.

15. Cinnamon Treatment

Cinnamon has the anti-inflammatory properties and has the ability to numb the pain. It acts as a lubricant to the joints reducing the chance of the joints rubbing against each other causing pain.

When you realize that you are not the kind of person that does not appreciate the use of drugs, the above treatment is definitely what you need. Also, alternatively you can try these tips for arthritis pain relief.

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