Human-machine superintelligence can now solve the world’s most dire problems like climate change and geopolitical conflict. As per the latest study conducted by researchers from the Human Computation Institute (HCI) and Cornell University, the combination of human and computer intelligence might be just what is needed to take on these “wicked” problems.

Human-Machine Superintelligence To Take On Problems Of Climate Change and Geopolitical Conflict.

In the paper published in the journal Science, researchers exhibit a new vision of human computation that takes on hard problems which have remained unapproachable for quite a while. This vision of human computation, which generally refers to – the science of crowd-powered systems – pushes beyond traditional limits.

Although humans beat machines at many things, ranging from simple pattern recognition to creative abstraction, these cognitive abilities can be effectively combined into multidimensional collaborative networks with the help of computers. These approach can eventually help achieve what traditional problem-solving cannot.

“By sharing and observing practices in a map-based social network, people can begin to relate their individual efforts to the global conservation potential of living and working landscapes,” said Janis Dickinson, Professor and Director of Citizen Science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Recent techniques provide real-time access to crowd-based inputs, where computer processes individual contributions and forward to the next person for improvement or analysis of a different kind. This helps construct more flexible collaborative environments that can better address the most challenging issues.

“By enabling members of the general public to play some simple online game, we expect to reduce the time to treatment discovery from decades to just a few years”, said HCI director and lead author, Dr. Pietro Michelucci. “This gives an opportunity for anyone, including the tech-savvy generation of caregivers and early stage AD patients, to take the matter into their own hands.”

Microtasking approach, which today’s human computation systems rely on, cannot alone address the tough challenges we face today. To solve wicked problems – those that involve many interacting systems that are constantly changing, and whose solutions have unforeseen consequences – a radically new approach is needed; and this “Human-Machine Superintelligence” aka “The Power Of Crowds” can help.

Reference: Human Computation – The Power Of Crowds, Image via ThinkStock