Boston Dynamics' Robo-Dogs or Robot Reindeer Pulling a Sleigh

Looks like Santa’s reindeer just got upgraded this Christmas. The video released by scientists at Boston Dynamics shows what it appears to be either Robot Reindeer or Robo-Dogs pulling a sleigh.

Featuring three of Boston Dynamic’s Spot bots, the four-legged highly kickable canine robots, are seen pulling a sleigh with what appears to have bicycle wheels, all dressed up as reindeer with antlers.

Boston Dynamics, which specializes in advanced robotics technology, is a partner of the U.S. Army and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). So far, the company has created Cheetah bot, the leaping SandFlea bot, the humanoid Atlas bot, and the wall-crawling RiSE bot.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot bots featured in this Christmas video is a smaller version of the company’s Big Dog robot. Watch the video below and tell us what it makes you feel in the comment below. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Via Boston DynamicsDNews