Minute Physics - How To Go To Space

Ever dreamed of going into space? Well, you know how complicated the process is and for most, it quite unachievable. In fact, even the process of explaining is way too complicated with all the laws of physics and mathematical equations.

Forget the physics of rocket flight, particularly some of the complex principles of statics and dynamics involved, but if you want to know how to go to space, folks at XKCD and Minute Physics have it explained for you in the simplest and funniest way possible.

This episode of “How To Go To Space” uses only the 1000 most common words in the English language to explain. Phrases such as – “If the fire end points toward space, you are having a bad problem, and will not go to space today” and, “If you want to be like many people who went to space in the past, you should go to school to learn to fly sky boats, and be really good at it.”  – have made us clear how complicated it is to go to space and why most people probably won’t go to space. Watch the video below.