Most lifestyle news indicates people tend to equate weight loss to vigorous workouts or exercises. They tend to concentrate more on the gym and pay lesser attention to all other things involved, such as diet. They end up exhausted and lose little or no weight at all.

It can be depressing and heart wrecking at times to those who do not succeed. The truth is weight loss is a journey that involves a lot from working out regularly to leading a perfectly healthy lifestyle.

Your diet especially, is the maker of the largest percentage (65% to be precise) of the weight loss regime and if not followed well, you may as well be wasting your energy for nothing. Actually, for some people, knowing what to eat, how much and at what time may reduce their weight with little or no exercise. Note I did say some people.

Weight Loss Diet Plans: Woman Doing Exercise

Discussed below are some weight loss diet plans that are known to work if followed and will ease this journey that is often deemed to be exhausting but which in a real sense should not be.

  1. Three-Hour Diet

One of the leading causes of weight loss is overeating triggered by starving your body for a while making it go into a starvation mode. In the process, it stores unwanted fats in the belly. To fight this, the three-hour diet comes into place. It involves eating every three hours.

In this way, it can maintain a high metabolism rate and also reduce the belly fat in the process. There no restrictions in this diet, only the portion sizes for regulating calorie intake. Ensure you stop eating three hours before sleep and ensure you adhere to a balanced diet. Exercising is recommended.

  1. Volumetric Diet

Developed by Dr. Barbara Rolls, the volumetric diet aims to encapsulate your eating plans with the density of foods. It advocates for a healthy lifestyle that involves eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. At a glance, it looks at those foods with low energy content and high water content. If you eat a lot of these, you end up feeling fuller and have a low-calorie intake.

Foods that are recommended for this diet includes fruits, vegetable, lean meat, whole grains, beans and low-fat dairy. Try working with these to come up with sumptuous meals that are healthy and low in calorie.

  1. Atkins Diet

It focuses on high protein and fats incorporated with low carbohydrate meals. High carbohydrate products such as flour and sugar are highly restricted if not eliminated altogether. It looks at carbohydrates as the major cause of weight gain and thus seeks to address this by eliminating them.

It has been in existence since the 1970’s with the most recent one promoting lean protein incorporated with lots of fruits and vegetables. This was after the high fat content was shown to increase cholesterol in the body making one at risk of the many diseases in the lifestyle news and world today. As you follow this diet, ensure to take as much carbohydrates as recommended by your doctor to prevent bounce back of weight later on.

  1. Macrobiotic Diet

Developed as a long time solution from a mixture of Buddhism and Western practices, the macrobiotic diet it a fad diet where you eliminate sugar and a few carbohydrates. It focuses on natural organic foods and is a vegetarian diet spiced up with the occasional fish and seafood.

Vegetables, legumes and whole grains are the makers of a high percentage of this diet. It involves a lot of home cooking using the well-known traditional methods such as baking and boiling.

As a long-term solution, it will ensure to keep your weight in check and protect you from the risk of certain types of cancers and heart diseases. Since it has few sweet foods that make us all psyched up, it is recommended that you introduce the diets bits by bits e.g. Replace white rice with the brown one.

  1. Mediterranean Diet

If you are looking to have a healthier heart, smaller waist line and an improvement in overall health, then the Mediterranean diet is the way to go. All thanks to our Greek brothers, apparently apart from inventing democracy they also invented great healthy plans. It involves eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, low-fat dairy, nuts and seeds, and olive oil on a daily basis.

Foods high in saturated fats such as poultry, eggs and yoghurt are to be taken a few time in a week while sweet treats are allowed a few times a week. Some red wine taken in moderation will do just fine. It is flexible and encourages a dash of physical activity resulting in mindful eating.

  1. Weight Watchers Diet

With an existence of close to 45 years, this diet is the mother of all diet plans. It is a long-term weight management plan that restricts no foods but puts more emphasis on the portions of the food. It is based on intensive scientific research and is a healthy practical approach to weight loss. It has a system that has stipulated portions of fiber, protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Points are offered to encourage physical activity and without the abuse of these points, one is assured of a steady loss of weight and overall healthy in the long run.

  1. Grape Fruit Diet

Used for nearly 80 years, this diet seeks to incorporate grapefruit in every meal. It is a 12-day weight loss plan that aims to minimize the caloric intake to less than 1000 in a day. It has stipulated diet plan recommendations for breakfast, lunch dinner and bedtime snack. It comes in a number of varieties and one should choose which suits them best.

The fat burning enzymes found in grapes are said to help with the weight loss. The diet should only be followed only when you are not under medication as the grapefruit juice has been shown to interfere with some medications.


Weight loss supplements that are currently in the market claim to give you instant results should be taken with caution, though natural weight loss plans are hugely recommended. They include:

  • Phenolox

It is specially formulated to slow metabolism and promote the burning of calories. With a high percentage of green tea extracts, Phenolox claims to help in weight loss. Though there is a money back guarantee, the product should not be taken by people with heart or blood pressure problems as it’s feared to make the conditions even worse.

  • Chitosan

Apparently this supplement blocks the absorption of fats and cholesterol. Whether it works for weight loss is subject to debate but at least it doesn’t cause any side effects though some people may experience an upset stomach.

  • ProbioSlim

As the most resilient type of probiotics, ProbioSlim aims to improve digestion, energy, fat burning resulting in overall weight loss. If you are looking for an effective probiotic, Probioslim may be the best option in the market today.


If you are looking to lose weight, there are many weight loss diet plans available in the world today. Caution should be taken especially for those who appear like they have a magic potion that makes you lose weight instantly. Most of them are scams and may be harmful to your health.

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