If I had the money to spare, I would initiate a research study aimed at finding how many people would rather have a better memory than a bigger house. I believe that most wish they had a better memory. Our brain and memory specifically is a sucker of small things. It is the small things that make it tick.

If your memory is not as good as mine  someone in the crowd coughs, you can still salvage the situation using simple techniques that help your brain store information better and recall it in an equally better way.

The old age method of getting brain cells to work is to solve puzzles and riddles which force your brain to go the extra mile and think in unusually better ways. They help your brain do some mental exercises because they involve a host of mental task which include mathematics, pattern recognition, logical reasoning and nonlinear thinking.

memory exercises to improve brain power

I guess I have already given you a reason to buy your local daily. But games and puzzles are not the only things that will exercise your brain and improve your memory. It also helps to expose your mind to different environments. Stimulating new environments can actually stop the brain from shrinking while we age. As a brain exercise, you should go out there and see the world, take up a new sport, start a hobby etc.

If you remain active, interested in new life, and involved with the world around you, your brain does not have to shrink as you grow old. Even if you cannot travel much, make sure your home environment and life in general is enriched, with lots of sounds, colors, smells, and things to do.

To set the ball rolling, here are some great ideas of memory exercises that actually increase brainpower:

  1. Embrace music. Make sure you have a track playing in the morning before going to work or school every morning. Generally, all music is good but some boring scientist actually found out that classical musical is the best and most stimulating to the intellect.
  2. Keep a library of books and be sure to read them every now and then. If you do not have time to read the books, always keep a paper or magazine with you so that you can squeeze in some reading while you are flying, riding the bus or train or waiting for an appointment.
  3. Have a fish aquarium in your home or office and add colorful fish and toys to it. They say it is therapeutic. My sister actually has one at her home and I guess I will use her for our research. I will keep you posted.
  4. Paint the walls of your office or home bright and interesting. Use some wallpaper and colorful paintings like they did in the 80s. Try to include a variety of textures with things like pillows, blankets, and furniture fabrics.
  5. If space is a non-issue to you, have a birdhouse or a birdbath outside your window. Take time to watch the birds do their thing since it is therapeutic.
  6. Take memory boosters. Supplements such as Provasil have been proven to help improve memory even in patients suffering from brain related illness. The product contains essential vitamins and minerals that have been proven to boost mental and maintain overall brain health. I personally use this product daily for the last year.
  7. Humans are social beings and research shows that social ties can help alleviate depression and Alzheimer’s disease. On top of that, it keeps you alert and interested in life. Make it your priority to spend time with friend and family; strangers too. Join a book club, a football team, or check into local volunteer activities.

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