Topmix Permeable is a type of concrete with a super-absorbent porous surface that can absorb or drain off 880 gallons (3331.16 liters) of water in a minute.

This new type of concrete is being tested right now and is made in such a way that it can withstand the weight of vehicles. Water flowing through the porous layer of concrete can tunnel its way out to drainage system where it can re-enter the ground water.

The producer of this super-absorbent concrete, Lafarge Tarmac, hopes Topmix Permeable will help prevent flash flooding in urban areas and make parking lots, sidewalks and bike paths a lot safer than ever.

The only downside is that the porous layer becomes unfeasible in cold places because the absorbed water may get frozen before it can drain off and freezing water may expand and break the concrete. See the Topmix Permeable in action below.

Source: Tech Insider