Vast majority of the people may think that hackers and spyware applications work the same way, but be aware that they do not.

Hackers is a computer programmer who seeks and exploits the flaw in a computer system or computer network and then breaks into it with the intention of stealing, manipulating or destroying information as a form of cyber-terrorism. However, spyware is stand-alone application which when once installed monitors user activity on the Internet and transmits that information in the background to someone else without the consent of the user. It is similar to a Trojan horse.

Hackers may sometimes indulge in using the spyware or strong virus for their hacking purposes and this very spyware or virus corrupts some very important and useful data of the user, but spy software’s work is not to misuse the information present on the computer and devices of the users.

Hackers can access anything and use the software or virus they programmed for their own motives. Spy software do not use any virus to access information of user. Spy software have no harmful objectives of spying information; they only monitor the activity of the user.

Hackers have always illegal plan behind the hacking and use the stolen data with plan. Spy software are best to use when the safety of loved ones is required and monitoring of their activities is necessary.

Hacker’s activities of stealing information, number of credit cards and other high-profile information is illegal and punishable offense under the laws of cyber crimes. Hackers can be penalized and get punishment after indulging in this immoral crime. Spy software are not like hacking virus and they help keep check up on activities of concerned people. This act is not illegal under the US laws.

Below is the infographic – Spy vs Hackers, which shows the difference between spy software and hackers.

Spy Vs Hackers: What You Need To Know About Spyware & Hackers

[Source: The One Spy; Featured Image via The Pita Group]