3D printing technology is currently growing in leaps and bounds. The printers and Computer-aided Design (CAD) modeling software used can often be confusing at first glance, so Shapeways has put together an infographic that gives a brief explainer of the multiple additive manufacturing processes that 3D printers use.

Infographic: Additive Manufacturing Processes and Rapid Prototyping Technique 3D Printers Use

Shapeways is a leader in the 3D printing industry, but instead of selling 3D printers, they offer anyone the ability to upload designs to their marketplace where they can be printed and sold to others.

Anyone can become a designer, even without 3D modeling experience, using multiple tools to turn 2D sketches into 3D models or simple easy to use 3D modeling software. As 3D printing expands we will definitely see an increase in interesting uses for the technology, anything from the rapid prototyping of rocket engines, to 3D printed food and even organs in the future.

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[Featured Image via Shapeways.com]