Image of a lonely sad crying girl, a guide to how to stop hating yourself

While talking about self-hatred it is the younger generation which is greatly affected by it. According to the recent statistics, there were more than 3,000 adolescent girls and boys who think they are not good enough and are not measuring up in terms of their looks, personal relationships and academic performance. And, this group of people was only found with low self-esteem and involved in negative activities like smoking, drinking, bullying and so on.

Actually, this type of discouraging outlook is the result of two types of influences. How we form our self-perception entirely depends upon how our parents have treated us initially and how they look themselves. These two factors play a major role in your upbringing and are responsible for your negative or positive approach in life. The early family environments and those healthy and supportive attitudes are some of the ingredients of a happy and positive lifestyle.

However, people who lack such positivity initially are often found stressed and cursing their lives. They are the ones who develop a feeling of self-hatred and encapsulate themselves in a negative environment. It is very important to break this shell and come out of this feeling. Overcoming self-hatred is a key step to stopping self-limiting or sabotaging behaviors. So, for all those who are looking for a positive start, stop hating yourself.

Here is the 5-step guide for a complete personality makeover:

  • Know Yourself: It is the first step towards making a happy lifestyle. For a strong foundation of self-love, start appreciating yourself. Meditate and allow yourself to just be who you are. You will be surprised how the stress will blow away. Start to hear that inner voice of self-love deep within you.
  • Start Listing Your Plus Points: It’s high time you have discouraged yourself with all those negative thoughts, now the time is to appreciate your plus points. Stop criticizing yourself and be thankful for what you have. List out your positives on a day-to-day basis, read them and feel good about your existence.
  • Be With People Who Love You: People who love you will always want that you love yourself first. Support of family and friends is very important. The company you keep does make a difference, so be with those who like you and tries to bring out the best in you.
  • Challenges Make You Stronger, Face Them: Obstacles are the great way to know your true potential. Face them with full confidence. This will develop a sense of accomplishment in you and you will eventually start loving yourself for trying out something new.
  • Forgive and Forget: If you want to stay happy in your life, always forgive and forget the negativities. These negative thoughts will hold you back from a higher focus, so just forget them. Life doesn’t come with instructions. Build a new relationship with yourself and others.

So if the feeling of self-hatred is gripping you deep inside, just follow this 5-step guide and set everything right.

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