Rezvani Beast, as the name speaks for itself, is a high-performance supercar built by Rezvani Motors. Introduced in the year 2014, Rezvani Beast is adorned brilliantly with a lightweight carbon fiber body based on the Ariel Atom 3 that uses the Ariel Atom Chassis.

The upgraded version of the car, Rezvani Beast 500, weighs around 1650 pounds, and it has undergone few mechanical tweaks but stays the same cosmetically. The car has a detachable windshield and its painstakingly designed aerodynamics gives the car the ability to hit top speeds of 165 mph, with the first 60 mph coming up in just 2.7 seconds. The car has a six-speed manual transmission with a rear-wheel layout housing a 2.4-liter supercharged motor. The Beast 500 comes with one year unlimited mile warranty.

“We really wanted to get people to enjoy driving again,” said Founder and CEO Ferris Rezvani a press release.

“By limiting as much electronic interference as we could, we were able to allow the driver to feel every inch of the road at their fingertips.”

Rezvani Beast in now available in a made-to-order capacity with a turnaround time of 8 to 12 weeks and the price starts at $165,000.

The detailed breakdown of the technical specifications of Rezvani Beast 500 as described on their official website:


BODY TYPE: Carbon Fiber


  • K24 DOHC 2.4L Rotrex™ Supercharged and Intercooled
  • 500 Horsepower @ 7350 RPM
  • 374 ft.lbs Torque @ 5950 RPM


  • 6 Speed Close Ratio Manual (with Limited Slip Differential)
  • Optional Sequential Manual with Paddle shift


  • Weight: 1650 lbs (750 kg)
  • Length: 165.2 inches (4,145 mm)
  • Width: 80.1 inches (1,981 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 92.3 inches (2,345 mm)
  • Height: 38.3 inches (970 mm)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 11 Gallons (42 Liters)

CHASSIS : Carbon Steel (Chromoly Steel)


  • Alcon 4 Piston Competition Brakes
  • Alcon race brake pads


  • Independent forged aluminum with anti-roll bars, front and rear
  • Bilstein 10 way high performance adjustable dampers, front and rear


  • Rear: 19″ with 295/30/19 Toyo R888
  • Front: 19″ with 235/35/19 Toyo Proxes R888


[Hat Tip: Rezvani Motors]