Two highly trained German shepherd dogs have uplifted the hope why dogs are man’s best friend with their outstanding sniffing ability to detect compounds linked to prostate cancer.

Trained Dogs Detect Prostate Cancer With More Than 90 Percent Accuracy

The two 3-year-old German Shepherd Explosion Detection Dogs, both females, were strictly trained and with their enhanced olfactory system, they were able to identify prostate cancer specific volatile organic compounds in urine samples of 900 men, of which 360 of them have prostate cancer and 540 do not – with more than 90 percent accuracy.

The study was published in the Journal Of Urology and the cross-sectional design for diagnostic accuracy was done at the Italian Ministry of Defense Military Veterinary Center.

Hopefully, trained dogs like these could be an alternate means of detecting prostate cancer with accurate results against the currently prevailed detection method known as the PSA test (Prostate Specific Antigen Test) which is accomplished through blood test, physical examination and biopsy.