On Saturday, you will be experiencing the shortest lunar eclipse of the century. According to NASA , the eclipse will begin at 4.57 am PDT in San Francisco Bay Area and it will last only 4 minutes and 43 seconds which then will soon turn into dusky red.

During a lunar eclipse, the sun, Earth and the moon stay aligned in the sky and when the moon passes slowly behind the shadow of the Earth, the surface of the moon will be completely covered. During this phase, due to refraction caused by Earth’s atmosphere with the sunlight, the lunar surface sometimes is seen as a deep orange-red. This is why lunar eclipse is also known as blood moon.

This sky map shows where the lunar eclipse can be seen on April 4, 2015. [Via Sky and Telescope]

Lunar Eclipse, April 2015

Bad news for Europe and Africa, the eclipse will be totally shut out for them. For Asia and the Pacific region, they will be able to capture the event but the visibility will be restricted to some degrees. Good news for the western U.S., they should be able to catch a glimpse on the full event.

Update: Blood Moon Moment – April 4, 2015

Here is the time-lapse of the so-called Blood Moon that happened on April 4, 2015. [Griffith Observatory via AP]