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A study at the University of British Columbia finds that narcissistic applicants have higher chance of acing the job interviews than equally qualified candidates who act more modestly.

According to their findings, applicants from Asia exhibit lower levels of narcissism and hence they may have a harder time landing a job in North America.

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Ahead of taking the interviews, researchers used questionnaires to measure their level of narcissism and the study was done in two separate ways:

  • In study 1, 72 participants were videotaped as they simulated the job applicant role. The interviews manipulated the accountability of the applicants; as the accountability increased, self‐promotion increase among narcissists – they tend to joke around and talk about themselves, make eye contact and ask the interviewers more questions while non-narcissists did the exact opposite. As a result, the study found that non-narcissists were viewed as less attractive candidates for the position.
  • In study 2, 222 raters evaluated applicant videos and found that European applicants tend to be more narcissistic compared to East Asian applicants. As a result, Europeans-heritage narcissists ( Chronic self‐promoters ) were more likely to receive higher hire ratings compared to East Asian applicants.

Del Paulrus, UBC Psychology Professor and the lead author of the study says, “Candidates should engage with the interviewer while continuing to self-promote. Interviewers should look beyond cultural style and assess individual qualifications. Instead of superficial charm, interviewers must analyze candidates’ potential long-term fit in the organization.”

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Still wonder why you are still not hired even if you’re smart, modest and perfect for the position?