Geologists have discovered a massive reservoir of water underneath the Earth’s surface. The volume of the water inside is approximated to be three times the volume of all the oceans.

The mineral, ringwoodite, is known for being able to preserve water within its structure (not as a liquid, but in the form of hydroxide ions) and that’s where the geologists discovered the massive amounts of water thousands of kilometers below the Earth’s surface. Earlier research on ringwoodite sample also confirmed the existence of huge quantities of water in the Earth’s mantle.

Ringwoodite is a high-pressure polymorph of olivine that exists abundantly in the transition zone, it extends a depth of 410 km to 660 km inside the Earth’s mantle.

The discovery makes us hypothecate that oceans gradually came out of the interior of the earth millions of years ago, but some geologists think ocean was formed when some water-laden asteroids struck the planet.

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  • Reference: Science
  • Image: University Of Alberta