Frequent Argument Increases The Risk Of Premature Death

Do you argue often? Chances are that you are likely to die young. Quibbles and squabbles do not merely make one angry, they take away one’s glee and peace of mind, too and apparently leave him/her feeling exasperated and worried all the time.

According to a study released by Danish researchers, contentious men and women are 2–3 times likely to die young.

For the research, they examined 9875 men and women whose ages were between 36-52 to study the impact of stressful social relations. Participants were asked about their relationship with their partners, children, friends, neighbours, relatives and the reasons that made them unhappy.

When they examined data from 2000 till the end of 2011, from Danish Cause of Death Registry – 196 women (4%) and 226 men(6%) were reported dead at that time frame, nearly half of which were from cancer. Heart disease and stroke, liver disease, accidents and suicide accounted for the rest. 10% reported that their children put them in stress with excess demands and worries. 9% were aggravated by their spouse. 6% were constrained with demands from relatives and 2 percent had issues with friends.

After taking all these reports into account, the team came to the conclusion that frequent worries or demands from partner or children were associated with 50-100% increased risk of death from any cause. The researchers also suspect greater stress from demands/conflicts/concerns could increase the mortality risk, too and the risk could increase to a higher extend if there’s conflict at home coupled with unemployment – which increases the rate of premature death.