Astronomers Believe Segue-1 Is One of First Galaxies Ever Formed in Universe
Stars in Segue 1 Galaxy | Credit: Marla Geha via

Universe is full of surprises and we are pretty much fed up with the news of discovering new planets every month of the year, of course there is endless possibilities though.

This time, it’s not about discovering a new planet, it’s about a galaxy, Segue 1 which is thought to be one of first galaxies ever formed in Universe according to astronomers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Since it was discovered in 2007, there has been speculation that Segue 1 was a globular cluster because of its small half-light radius which is 98 light-years; but later in 2009, it was proved that it’s highly dark matter-dominated and therefore it’s a galaxy.

Segue 1 is located in the constellation Leo and our Galaxy, Milky Way is brighter by a factor of one billion.