When power bank becomes bulky, this credit-card sized charger could come in handy. LinearFlux takes too serious about the sizes and the performance of the portable battery chargers which are in the market, so they come up with something which would undoubtedly outperform any of them, something called LithiumCard – a portable charger which would fit right in your wallet.

It’s not only the size, LithiumCard delivers more power than any other portable chargers. With its HyperFET drive technology, it can deliver up to 2 Amps of energy back to electronic devices and 1% increase in battery life per minute, which would mean a best friend for a power hungry electronic device.LithiumCard

Because of its superior output in power delivery, it is also referred as lithium HyperCharger. One of the best thing is its unique bypass power system which allows simultaneous charging, so even if your phone and the LithiumCard run out off battery, you can charge both at a time. It comes with a micro-USB connector, so you don’t have to sweat over compatibility issues as it would be compatible with all the major electronic devices.

The video explains how it works.

In case you don’t know what HyperFET is, here’s a little explanation for you. It is the name derived from MOSFET ( metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor), a transistor which is used for switching electronic signals. In other words, it is the amplified version of MOSFET, but has less resistance, more current and performs better than MOSFET itself.

  • Source: LinearFLUX