Won’t anyone want to pet a Kangaroo? Personally, I don’t live in Australia and even if I did so, I wouldn’t have wanted to pet a kangaroo, why? Because of their inherited kickboxing skills and powerful kicks. So for people like me, BionicKangaroo may be the only alternate option.

BionicKangaroo is an artificial kangaroo developed by Fesco as a part of its “Bionic Learning Network”. It can emulate the jumping behavior of real kangaroos and just like they do in the wild, the BionicKangarro can efficiently recover energy from one jump and use the recovered kinetic energy to make another. Technically, it can go on like this forever and ever.

It’s the elastic spring that really does the perfect emulation of the kangaroos’ tendinous function. When it lands, the legs get partially charged and bounces the robotic marsupial system back in the air.

The robot stands 1 meter high and weighs around 7 kilograms. It can jump 0.4 meter vertically and 0.8 meter horizontally.

[Source: Festo]