Sub-Biosphere 2: Futuristic Self-Sustaining Underwater Biosphere

Ever wished living underwater? Well, it may not be as far as we expect. Phil Pauley, a London-based designer, have come up with a futuristic concept for self-sustainable underwater living known as Sub-Biosphere 2.

According to Phil Pauley, Sub-Biosphere 2 is made up of viable structure and it’s especially tailored for aquanauts, tourism and oceanographic life sciences, plant and animal habitation, but it would offer a long-term habitat for only around 100 people – the minimum number that would be required to rebuild our species in case of catastrophe.

The project stands 120 meters high above water and 340 meters wide which consists of eight living biomes, and a  system to supply and manage air, food, fresh water and electricity.

The biomes mimic Earth’s behavior  in every way possible including Earth’s biosphere and atmospheric state.


[Source: Phil Pauley]

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