Won’t you be petrified when an unusual levitating object passes by, possessing spooky noise enough to give you an eerie feeling of one of the worst nightmares you have ever had? Royal College of Art student Francesco Tacchini have created a black orb which happens to be that thing. It’s called Space Replay.

Space Replay explores, records ambient sounds from transitional public spaces and replays the sounds it picks up after a short delay as it levitates.

Components involved in making Space Replay:

The science behind Space Replay:

The sphere is made transonic by means of a battery-powered Arduino to react to people sonically and an Adafruit Wave retrofitted to record and playback sounds on the fly and a speaker. These things are inserted into a latex balloon and it’s filled with enough helium so that it has enough buoyancy to lift everything and hover.

[Source: Royal College Of Art]

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