The Body Extender Gives You Superhuman Strength

Possessing a super-strength is only a manifestation of fiction, that’s what we are always told, but now with all these advances in science if you still think these strengths cannot be projected in real life, you’re probably wrong; why don’t we just let technology decide?

Engineers at the Laboratory of Perceptual Robotics (PERCRO), Italy have developed the most advanced form of wearable robot known as the Body Extender. It has been touted that this exoskeleton enables user to lift up to 50kg in each of its hands and amplifies the user’s internal force by 10 times, approximately. This piece actually reminds me of Elysium’s powered
exoskeleton, but the only difference is it doesn’t have to link with your cerebral nerves.

The Body Extender is composed of four robotic limbs with anthropomorphic kinematics and has exactly twenty-two degrees of freedom. It’s made up of modular components, meaning the robot can be easily rebuilt to suit the application.

The system could only be developed to handle heavy materials in unstructured environment like in factories or to clear debris and rescue survivors in earthquake zones. Unfortunately, we are not seeing this anytime soon, and mass-production is not realizable at the moment.

[Video Credit: FabioSalsedo]

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