In this abundance of bloggers today, good bloggers are extremely hard to find, and those getting appreciated for their truly creative work, even rarer. Keeping that in mind, I decided to observe the works of many bloggers and over months I have found amazing bloggers with spectacular works that I would like to share with everyone. I hope you find their works inspiring!

Thanks to these incredibly awesome bloggers, it’s easy for all of us to get all that entertainment we would not get otherwise. You guys are the center of my recreation.


Margaret Rose is a great woman, she is intellectual, realistic and have a great sense of humor. Great posts worth reading from her:

  • Life In Heaven
  • A Healing Wind
  • What Goes Around Come Around Downunder

2. Optimal Human Modulation

Run by an awesome guy named Stephen Sumner. His prodigy in writing about science fiction, art, music and reviews will undoubtedly give you the feeling of euphoria. His writings are versatile and inspiring, great posts worth reading from him:

  • Super Mega-Pictorial of Mental Defrag Humor
  • The Visual Bliss of Scarves. Yes. Scarves. (Video)
  • Living Based on Reason – Intro to the OpHuMod Recognitions

3. The World Is A Book

It’s a photography blog run by a lovely woman, Amy. She’s got some serious skills in photography, she takes great photos as she travels around the world. Great posts from her:

  • Thursday Special and Vintage
  • Transform A Yellow Spot Into Sun
  • Sonel’s Photo-Editing Challenge : Trees and/or Tree Trunks

4. I Know I Made You Smile

It’s a cartoon-based blog run by Carl D’Agostino. No doubt his witty and brilliantly thought posts will entertain you. Great posts worth reading from him:

5. Barbara Pyett

Barbara Pyett is a creative writer and she’s the author of the book – Lily’s Wish. Great posts worth reading from her:

6. Chris Navin

Chris shares articles about politics and philosophy. He is an awesome man with extensive skills. Great posts worth reading from Chris:

7. Russel Ray Photos

Run by Russel along with his friend, Zoey – the cool cat. He has got some awesome skills in photography as well as in graphic designing. Great posts from him:

8. Painting Pundit

Mary Gwyn Bowen is the owner of this blog. As the blog’s name says, she is an artist and an art instructor. These are some great posts worth reading from her:

9. Simonjohnsonofclowne

Run by a respectable man, Simon Johnson.  Great posts from Simon:

10. Advocatemmmohan Aksharaalu

The writer of this site shares poetry. Great poems reading from him:

All these mentioned blogs have something inspiring about them, not only they educate you, but can also help new bloggers on their way to success and how they can convey their ideas about different disciplines of education, health, science, art and everything. So go ahead and check out these blogs and appreciate the work of these great people, cause they sure deserve it!

Well, this list doesn’t end here. There are some more amazing bloggers on the way. Have a great day!

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